Tammy Abraham reveals why decide to leave chelsea

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Tammy Abraham, a striker for Roma and the England national team admits that being held by head coach Thomas Tuchel as a reserve last season at Chelsea was the last straw to decide to leave the comfort zone for a new challenge in Italy.

         The 24- year-old joined ‘ Gallo Rossi ‘ this season for £ 34 million , scoring four goals in 10 games and hitting the post – crossbar six times. the manager . England Gareth South Gate called back flag again.  

Thinking back , Tammy wanted to thank Tuchel for picking him up until he was so sour. because it helps to make the decision easier to go out to prove the value abroad

Tammy Abraham reveals why decide to leave chelsea

“ When I was at Chelsea, at one point I sat and asked myself, ‘ Opening up with ‘ Guardian Sport ‘.

“ I still keep my head down and practice. do it for yourself Polish your feet better. Because stopping training is very easy. Getting angry, lashing out at sesame, bullying all over the place, creating problems. But personally I want to do the opposite. ”

“ I learned myself. And I think that has strengthened my own thought system. ”

“ It was an easy choice if joining the team, Chelsea would be happy to sit on the bench. But I realized I had to go out and prove myself. ”

“ Of course, I’m nervous because I moved the league. It takes courage to do this. ”

“ But I would like to introduce young English footballers. I didn’t say don’t be afraid I just want you to educate yourself well. ”

“ It’s difficult but you have to get used to it. until now in Rome It’s time to express yourself again. ” 

Tuchel ‘s arrival at the beginning of 2021 gave Tammy the opportunity to play 7 matches in all competitions and hit just one more goal, so it’s not surprising that he wants to move.