Manchester United-Liverpool heartbreaking Jude Bellingham insists on staying at Dortmund next year.

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England midfielder Jude Bellingham has confirmed his intention to stay at Borussia Dortmund next season. Despite receiving attention from many of Europe’s leading football teams

The England international moved from Birmingham to the Bundesliga club in 2020 for a fee of £25m and quickly emerged as one of Europe’s most exciting young players.

Bellingham has impressed with his form at Dortmund, with six goals and 11 assists this season. Leading to links with both Manchester United and Liverpool.

However, the Premier League giants will be disappointed as Bellingham UFABET pledges his future at Dortmund.

“The only future I can think of is the next game against Dortmund” Jude Bellingham told Ruh Nakrichten.

“I look forward to next season. I can’t wait for it to start but yes I will be here next season. And I’m ready.”

“Fate is in my hands. And know that I can continue to improve if I try. and trust the people around me.”

“I came from England as a talented kid. not much pressure The first season went well. There were also some games where I had to be on the bench. Or sometimes they don’t play at all.”

“I think my improvements this year mean that I have a bigger role in almost every game. And I am very grateful to Dortmund that they have nurtured my talent.”

“I think I have to give a lot of credit to the coaching staff. and the team around me So I can focus on winning. because I was born for this.”