Manchester United has been accused of ignoring vaccination

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English Premier League powerhouse Manchester United has been accused of ignoring vaccination against COVID-19. The most among the team members Although it should be a role model as an influential team.

Reports from ‘ Times Sports ‘ about the progress of vaccination of players. The elite city’s top league staff who initially knew that only 1 in 3 out of all the doses had been vaccinated.  

Manchester United has been accused of ignoring vaccination

More recent data sets that inform BY club found that only a handful of additional armor protection deadly virus to 100% , including Liverpool and Leeds, the camp was a minor. Wolverhampton and Brentford

Looking to switch to teams that shied away from vaccination until the league’s lowest number is back to the big legs ‘ Red Devils ‘, although it should be a model for other camps to follow. 

For the latest statistics of the entire English Premier League. Only seven clubs have had their players fully vaccinated at a rate above 50%. 

Cattle Vaccine to better Bates David -19 is an interesting point by Jurgen Klopp Boss ‘ Liverpool ‘ stand by urging everyone to attend not only to defend themselves. But also regarded as a collective responsibility  

Opposite Ole Gunnar Seoul Tea Cup ‘ Red Devils ‘.   Even revealed himself fully vaccinated. But did not want to intrude on the decision whether or not to get vaccinated counterparts.

David evaded the issue of vaccinated cattle has created a headache for Gareth South Gate manager  England. Because at least 5 players refused injections.