Dalot praises Sir Bobby Charlton after scoring the winning goal

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Dalot praises Sir Bobby Charlton after scoring the winning goal to help Manchester United collect 3 points.

Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton passed away yesterday, with Red Devils players mourning his passing including Diogo Dalot, Who had just scored the winning goal for the team. Picked up 3 points the night before.

Manchester United defender Diogo Dalot has paid tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton, the legend of the England national team and the Red Devils, after learning of the news of his sudden death after the end of the Premier League game on this evening

Before the game in which the Red Devils defeated Sheffield United 2-1, they received bad news when the former 1996 World Champion striker passed away at the age of 86, according to a statement from his family.

Dalot, who scored the winning goal for Manchester United at Bramall Lane, spoke about this legendary striker after the game ended last night.

“When I come here after every game whether we win or lose, He will there supporting us. It shows his love for the club and the legacy of the team.”

“I was lucky enough to have met him and know that he remains a great legend at the club. We came into the dressing room knowing we would have to give everything on the pitch to get the three points and received a little congratulations from Sir Bobby’s family on a very sad day. But I think it was a time where we showed that we really are a family.” Report from ทางเข้า ufabet